Pastured Pork

Our hogs are range hogs: raised outside in the garden and on pasture

Hogs are an animal that integrates well with a market garden by 100_1946utilizing garden wastes, spreading fertilizer and tilling ground with their natural rooting behavior. We enjoy eating homegrown, natural pork ourselves, and aren’t alone in wanting a locally grown, humanely and sustainably raised option.  Taste the difference!

Our dedication to sustainable growing practices and heritage hog breeds creates a unique and tasty alternative: Pork with an old-time quality and flavor.

  • Montana-raised, Certified Organic grains.
  • GMO-free/soy-free feed
  • NO growth hormones or antibiotic feeds.
  • Pasture and range-based rearing

Raising pastured hogs allows the animals to express their innate, natural tendencies and contributes to a diverse and healthy diet. The end results are happy, healthy animals providing delicious, truly nutritious natural pork to local families. We sell fresh pork to eaters in and around Great Falls, MT by the whole and half animal:

 Whole or Half Hog   With Organic– cured meats  $6.95/lb*
 Whole or Half Hog   With Standard- cured meats  $6.00/lb*
 Whole or Half Hog   All fresh pork- No cured meats  $5.85/lb*

*Processed or “take home” weight.

Billings and surrounding area? We’re happy to include the Billings area in our delivery route from our Certified Organic processor in Big Timber. As such, whole or half delivered to Billings are a set $6.95/lb. However, custom ordering options are still available. 

Roasting pigsPlanning a big event?  We prepare hogs for roasting! The charge for a hog ready for roasting is $2.95/lb of the hanging weight, plus a $150 ‘processing’ fee. Hogs for roasting are scalded to remove hair and slaughtered. Please inquire in advance to check on the availability of an animal of your preferred size and weight.

To order:

  • Reserve a whole pig with a check deposit of $100, or half for $50, or pay online (with convenience fee).
  • Fill out a PORK CUT SHEET to indicate how you would like your pig to be processed (hams, ground pork, etc.)

PayPal Logo

Pay online with PayPal. Share prices reflect a 2.9% convenience fee charged to the farm for each transaction. If paying online, please remember to submit our order form with your contact information!

Whole Hog Deposit     Half Hog Deposit


Frequently asked questions:

What will the processed weight be? The processed weight for a whole hog will be around 100 pounds of meat and 50 for a half order. Animals vary in size so exact weights cannot be determined until processing.

What if I want to butcher the animal myself? For ambitious individuals who want to process the animal themselves, the cost is $2.95/lb hanging weight plus a $50 each for slaughter and skinning.

What does “organic cure” mean? The naturally cured meats have had no nitrites or nitrate added other than those naturally associated with sea salt and celery powder.

Do I have to buy a whole or half animal? No. We do offer retail cuts for sale at the Farmer’s Market and at our farm stand, although purchasing in bulk is more economical.

Groundworks Farm

PO Box 118

Fort Shaw, MT 59443

(406) 590-0508

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