The Farm


Eric and Audra Bergman began Groundworks Farm in 2009 as a family-scale operation committed to varied principles of an abundant and sustainable food system.  What started as a hobby and a dream  has now evolved into a full-time, work-in-progress farm. West of Great Falls in Fort Shaw Montana, they now grow vegetables and livestock using a diversified, integrated farming model, with products directly marketed to local customers through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

The work at the farm is motivated by the recognition of intimate connections between healthy lands, nutritious and tasty foods, and thriving communities.  Age-old practices of crop diversity and rotations are employed, along with on-farm nutrient cycling.  Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides are NOT used, and neither are hormones or antibiotic feeds with animals.  In general, focus is on climate-appropriate crops and on work that enhances natural resilience and productivity. Home-grown products offered at a great value:

Mixed Vegetables

Range Raised Pork

Pastured Broiler Chicken