Hog Heaven

The wiener pigs are here- finally a higher use than compost for slimy veggies and insect-bitten chard.  They’re also very cute and right now, they’re just little. Last weekend when they arrived was not so cute, as they escaped their pen immediately- even before we were finished unloading them. They didn’t just get out and mill around either. They took off. Running across the prairie in 100 degree heat. So, I’m running after them, eight months pregnant, trying to head them off and find them all. Finally found them all and had to carry squealing, exhausted piglets back to the pen. Come ten that night, David wakes us up to tell us that all 10 are out again. Just enough daylight to see them scurrying away, a mob of piglets in grass so tall that you can barely see them. Got them all in without much incident and made sure to fix up their pen the next day to prevent further breakouts.
The next evening we’re across the river at our friends’ for dinner and get a phone call from McKenzie, one of our full-time apprentices, “Pigs out… ahhh… they’re all gone… blue truck… road… help.” So we race home to find the blue Ford parked in the middle of the road, cars lined up behind it, people milling around everywhere. There were 8 pigs in the back. Everyone still looking for the rest, chasing them around. Liz and I found the last 2 a little while later, hiding in one of several sections of garden that has weeds so tall that you can’t see the pigs hiding there until you’re almost on top of them. The next day, we TOTALLY remodeled the pen and made it piglet proof for sure. Brandon came over to help us castrate a little boar that the breeder had missed and we were finally feeling  pretty good about our pig situation. Later that evening, I go outside to water and hear squealing from the pig pen that can be nothing other than a piglet meeting a horrible fate. Turns out, there is only one pig in the pen and it’s just really lonely. I flag Eric from the driveway and run out, again, to head off the mob of pigs grunting and running across the prairie. Thankfully, it was easy enough to get them in. The problem this time? Gate left completely unlatched. DOH!

One thought on “Hog Heaven

  1. Oh, it’s 11:30 on a Fri night after getting home from a Christmas party. I just found this & read about the pigs antics and I laughed and laughed. I’m sure it wasn’t so funny when they were getting out again and again, but it sure was tonight. Keep writing and sharing about your “growing” experiences. I love to read them. Thanks for the good laugh tonight.

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