“So, what do you do in the winter?”

Since beginning a mixed-vegetable farm in 2009/2010, we get this question a lot. Though this winter is unusually warm, there is definitely a greater portion of the year in our climate that is NOT suitable for raising vegetables outside than IS. So, after the thousands of feet of water lines are rolled up, the garlic is planted for next year and the last of the fall shares are out the door, then what? I’ve tried to sum that up here:

Seventeen new little piggers came home from a Christmas road trip. They move around in what was the Brassica section in 2011 (cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, etc.) and flow around in a group as though they were a school of fish. They are endearing little creatures. (Orders for pork are filling up quickly, but we still have some available for late May/early June.)

Renovated housing for the new piglets. Some readers may recognize this structure from the egg operation this summer, as is was home to our flock of 140 hens until this past fall. With a few modifications and some further wind-proofing, this building has now become a range house for pigs.

We live in a particularly windy place. The wind has been blowing almost consistently since… November? After several days of consistent 30-40 mph winds, the hoop house is starting to weaken a little. It might be hard to tell from the picture, but this wall it not what you could call straight anymore. Preparing the hoop house for another season is on the project list.

Our “new to us” cargo trailer that we began converting into a refrigerated trailer last spring. Once it got the the functional stage, the demands of the growing season trumped making the finishing touches, so Eric will be tricking out the refer trailer in January.

It’s time to plan next year’s garden. Next season’s seed order is already on its way, including some fun new varieties: golden beets, purple potatoes, tomatoes for canning and paste, and more. Hard to believe, but it will be time to start seeds again at the end of next month!

Aaannnd, the outhouse needs to be moved. Volunteers welcome.

But, thankfully, it’s not all work around here. (Pompey’s Pillar National Monument, Christmas Day)

We also get to spend a bit of time with this guy.

Have a Happy New Year everybody, and we’ll see you at the farm stand soon!

4 thoughts on ““So, what do you do in the winter?”

  1. PS–Leif is just darling!! He reminds me of my grandson, Owen, when he was that age. Owen will turn 2 in Feb.

  2. You had me at Golden Beets! Oh my gosh, I might have to get a share just for those bad boys! I have things for you and have been meaning to stop by but things always keep getting in the way. I will make it to you soon…If only to see Leif again before he’s heading to school. He is clearly doing well and all I can shout when I see him is “CHEEKS!”. Hope to see you sooner then later.


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