Week 4

This week at the farm has been busy. I mean, EXTRA busy: two litters of piglets were born, one pig was slaughtered for Montana Farmers Union to roast at their Teen Camp appreciation dinner (not to mention that hog was stuffed with 2Js finest brats), 80 pounds of salad mix was cut, seeds were planted, weeds were terminated, animals fed, cows milked, beers drank, and many a salad was eaten. 

Don’t forget that we’re one of the stops on the Sun River Valley Garden Tour on Sunday as well; come and see us! We have freezers full of pork to tempt visitors…

Back to business. We need recipes! 

Spinach Enchiladas

8-10 tortillas (whatever your preference)

1 c chopped onion, scallion or GARLIC SCAPES!

1/2- 1 lb spinach, chopped

3-4 c cheesy white sauce (Try Pepperjack or mozzerella with red pepper)



Fill tortillas with sauteed onion and streamed spinach. Sprinkle with cheese and roll up. Place into 9×13″ pan. Repeat until used up. 

Cover with cheesy white sauce and bake at 375 until bubbly.

Play with the ingredients and make it your own!

Chinese Radish Salad

1 bunch radish, sliced thinly

2 T soy sauce

2-4 garlic scapes

2 T chopped cilantro (optional)

2 tsp. sesame oil

Mix ingredients and enjoy!



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