Week 10- Is this Kale?

So, your summer greens guide, apologetically belated:

Red Russian Kale


Kale is best cooked lightly. When people tell me that they’re running out of things to do with kale or chard, my response is to simply “Start putting it in everything”. Making pasta? Put in some greens! Pizza? Either sprinkle them on top or fool your family and put it directly into the crust. Mix it with rice, stir-fry, soup, smoothies, etc.


Rainbow (Swiss) Chard

ImageChard has a crispy, more delicate texture than kale. Add nutrition to a greens salad by tearing a few chard leaves up into it, roll up your sandwich fixings inside for a quick wrap, or throw in into whatever is for dinner. I’ve been known to put chard in scones (Cheesy chard scones, see blog archives) and even monster cookies! And, it’s beautiful. 

Greens have such great nutrition, full of vitamins a, k, e and even iron. Incorporating them into your summer diet is never easier when you’re participating in a CSA because you can expect them in some form on most, if not all, weeks. Even if you’re having trouble getting through them every week, you can always save them for the winter when fresh, local greens become scarce. A simple kitchen steamer, a few used plastic containers and 10 spare minutes are all you need to store your week’s worth of greens until you have time to use them in the fall or winter. 

How to Blanch greens:

Use thumb and forefinger to ‘strip’ the leaves of their midrib. 

Chop or tear to desired size. 

Place in steamer for 3-5 minutes until dark brown and deflated. 

Removes and cool in containers. 

Close with lid and label with date and type. 

Toss into homemade soups, pasta, grain dishes, dips, etc. 


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