Week 12- Super Mac



Not every meal on the farm is a masterpiece. When you’re in the business of growing food, taking advantage of the abundance of the fresh, homegrown ‘fruits of your labor’ is pretty rewarding. But let’s face it, there are plenty of cereal mornings, box macaroni days, and *gasp* occasionally even take-out. Here’s our secret though: Bringing home take-and-bake? Throw last week’s bunch of kale on top. Box macaroni? We call that Super Mac around here because it’s loaded with homegrown veggies. (Our toddler will eat any vegetable enveloped in Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese…)

So don’t fret about not being able to devote your entire afternoon to a meal that would make Rachael Ray’s jaw drop; even a simple meal can be ‘super’.

Super Mac

1 box Macaroni of cheese of choice (and associated ingredients)

1 c diced zucchini*, lightly sautéed

1 handful shredded kale*

Cook macaroni and prepare according to directions…

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