Grateful for Greens

Early spring is a time of anticipation. Buds blooming, spring planting, and green fields are all the beauty that we look forward to, but that first harvest of spring greens is still a ways off. One way that we continue to eat local greens- our own in this case- throughout the winter is by preserving fresh greens during the height of the growing season. Spinach frozen from a June harvest is still enjoyed well into March and April of the following year. For CSA members who may have difficultly keeping up with their share contents on a particular week, preserving greens is a simple way to reduce waste and get your money’s worth. In an earlier post, we gave some advice about how to freeze greens and what equipment to use

Which greens to freeze? Here’s a quick list of our favorites:

Kale– when blanched correctly (i.e.. lightly), it will still be slightly fluffy after frozen and thawed. It has the same great flavor and retains some texture. Use it on pizza, with pesto pasta, or eggs.

Spinach– let’s be honest: Spinach pretty much turns to mush. It still tastes good, though, and is great used in dips, sauces, tossed with pasta, and in quesadillas. See photo below!

Beet greens/Swiss chard– similarly to spinach, it’s difficult to maintain much texture with these two greens. They are great in stews, sausage gravy, and gratin.

Spinach Quesadillas


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