Digging In


Three hundred kohlrabi plants, two beds of spinach, carrots, beets, 900 onion plants, and thousands to go: We’re digging in. Farmers Market and the beginning of our sixth CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Vegetable season is only a month and a half away, and busy hands are making strides to plant the seeds of the season’s harvest.

IMG_0839With the arrival of two extra pairs of hands, farm apprentices Kelly Bayless and Seamus Tremblay, the farm is in constant motion. But, that’s not all that’s growing… with ten sows “farrowing” throughout this season, over eighty piglets have been growing here on the farm this spring.

In the picture above, Leif lends a helping hand to Mom & Dad, who are scooping Organic grain to make our hog feed mix. Below, Seamus and Kelly get their hands dirty transplanting three hundred spinach plants for a June crop.

It’s just around the corner; the first CSA share pick up of our 20-week season is June 3, and the first Farmers Market is June 6. If you haven’t subscribed for the season yet, contact us or visit groundworksfarmmt.com to reserve your share!

Fresh, local produce delivered to Great Falls every week from June to October. Dig in!

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