In the Kitchen: The Forager & The Farmer


Two Quiches & ‘Steaks’

Truly, one of the most gratifying activities as a farmer is simply taking the time to walk the farm. It sound ridiculous, but many days are very full, as we’re working hard (but hopefully not hurried) to complete as many tasks as possible. Taking the time to walk slowly and observe non-urgent things often goes by the wayside, but in those times some of the most precious moments are captured. For example: Wild asparagus. For the last two years, I’ve been stalking a small asparagus patch growing on a fence line, just out of reach of where a curious cow might nibble. On a recent evening saunter around the farm, I was surprised to come upon this patch at its peak, having fully forgotten to check it yet this spring. Not enough stems to steam and serve to the farm crew, but a flavorful taste of having taken the time to look.

Forager’s Quiche

4-6 stems asparagus (depending upon size)

I barbecued them for just a few minutes to add a little smokiness and make them tender

garden chives, small handful

use a kitchen shears to cut them into short pieces

4 eggs

1 c milk

1 c shredded parmesean

coarse black pepper

pie crust of choice (or skip the crust for a faster frittata)

– Beat eggs and milk to make the custard and set aside.

– Spread cheese evenly on the bottom of the pie crust, or reserve for last for a frittata.

– Sprinkle slightly cooked asparagus and chives on top of the parmesan, then dust with black pepper and salt.

– Pour beaten custard carefully over top and bake at 375 degrees until the center starts to puff up and a knife comes out mostly clean.

Farmer’s Quiche

With five adults and one voracious three year old boy on the farm to feed, one quiche won’t last more than a few minutes on the table. So, to celebrate the fruits of our labors so far this season, another quiche.

4 slices Groundworks Bacon, diced and cooked

2-4 leaves of spring greens (in this case, our failed Chinese cabbage crop)

small handful of chives, cut into short pieces

1 c grated Sharp Cheddar

salt and paprika

– Prepare as above. Savor.

Beet ‘Steaks’

Since we have the barbecue going: Slice beets in slabs of 1/4-1/2 inch thick. Coat with olive oil and tarragon, the cook slowly until tender.


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