Summer Vegetable CSA: Week 1

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share distribution starts (started) this week: early season sweet carrots, beets with amazing, luscious, greens and more. Every week, we’ll try our best to offer cooking tips, recipes, farm updates and, of course, photos. Thanks for supporting local, family farms, and we’ll look forward to seeing everybody at the farm stand soon!

Notes about this week’s share- Carrots last longer in your fridge if they’re topped, especially those early small sweet carrots. Feeling creative? Use the tops in smoothies, juice or soups! The same goes for beets, and beet greens make a delicious side. Sauté beet greens and some onions in oil (or bacon grease!) until tender and add a little balsamic at the end. Mmmmm.


Harvest Morning Breakfast for Two

Canadian Bacon & Egg Scramble with Green Protein Smoothie

1/4 lb. Groundworks Canadian bacon

(A quick note about this bacon- This is not the thin, hammy stuff you find on a frozen Hawaiian pizza. It’s ‘baconized’ pork chop: meaty, thick, and FULL of flavor. I almost licked the pan.)

4 beaten eggs (yes, we sell eggs too!)

For the smoothie-

1 generous handful of washed, fresh spinach

1/2 c yogurt

2 heaping T of peanut (or other nut) butter

4 ice cubes

2 bananas

a few T cold water

– This is what kept us going on the first harvest morning of the season. Enjoy!

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