Weekly blog posts and recipes took a hiatus for a couple weeks, and we’ll be easing back into it slowly (:

Last week, Eric had the opportunity to work with Dropstone Outfitting, working as a guide for their “Natural History of the Scapegoat” tour. (If you’re not familiar, check them out at http://dropstoneoutfitting.com.) It’s an incredible opportunity to get back to our backcountry roots, but it sure was a lot of work while he was away!

Over 1,300 linear feet of GARLIC forked, pulled and trucked out of the field.

88 ft of tomato trellis strung

100 of the very first tomatoes picked

15 marauding piglets collected and contained from terrorizing the garden

1 cow milked, twice daily

Wallows made, pigs fed and watered

Chickens moved to fresh pasture and 20 dozen eggs collected

200 lbs. of summer squash picked and packed

Kale collected, cabbage corralled, weeds attacked

Red beers drank, spirits lifted, and load after load of salad mix harvested, rinsed and spun dry

And starting this week, we’ll be back in the kitchen with more of our farmer favorites.

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