Week 15- A Gardener’s Pantry


Pickled, stewed, dried and sauced, we’re working on preserving the season’s harvest. This year, I gave myself an ‘out’ in terms of food preservation: “No time”, etc. But now that all these fresh veggies are here (and started to decline!), I just can’t help it: I have to can.

What’s in the pantry so far?

Tomato sauce-  a must.

Whole canned heirloom tomatoes- all the flavor without the concentrated acidity of a sauce.

Pepperoncinis!- Winter seems a little brighter knowing we have these pickled banana peppers to dig into.

Relish- lots of different kinds to choose from, but we like a sweet zucchini relish with turmeric and celery seed.

Dried basil and lavendar- so easy to dry herbs- hot peppers too!

Top Three Canning Tips:

  1. Pick your priorities. Set a goal for one or two of your favorites, that way anything else feels like a bonus.
  2. Be prepared. Get all your equipment out of the garage, clean it, and take inventory BEFORE canning day. It’s much less overwhelming if everything is ready when you start.
  3. Do small batches. I’m a big fan of small batch canning. I may not have time to can 30 quarts today, but I can swing three!

There are a lot of canning resources out there, MSU Extension being a great one, so the next step is to just get started!

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