Mid-Winter Farm Report

IMG_2332Greetings Friends,

The depth of winter is demonstrating some signs of life. Albeit modest, our fields are showing some green growth in response to the warm, open season. I suspect we may be hearing of some weather records being broken or challenged as the data comes in for the year. Although record extremes in weather seem to be a new norm, I’m reminded of the story of an elderly Montana rancher visiting with his newly arrived neighbors. During a severe winter storm, the young neighbors ask the rancher, “Is this normal?” The old-timer quips, “ Well, I’m 90 years old. Been here my whole life. And I ain’t seen “normal” yet.”

Going into our 7th growing season, we continue to examine the farm in the context of sustainability. We need to be resilient within the constant of change. Part of this is attained through diversity – in farm ecology, and, thus, in farm products. You’ll see that diversity reflected in this newsletter. Of course, ecology is defined through relationship, so please let us know what you’re hungry for. Read and see more…

See you at the farm stand,

Eric and Audra

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