So long summer: Enter Fall


It’s pizza night. Starting to assemble the ingredients, beginning to make the mozzarella, and babysitting homemade marinara on the stovetop: It’s hard to imagine a more blessed kitchen. Along with freezing nighttime temperatures and the beautiful low light, fall brings a time of reflection. The frantic summer harvest ceases, and under a harvest moon, the fall gathering begins. It’s high time to check in here at the blog, and to fill everyone in on the happenings of late.

img_0822The garlic is all in, processed and sorted. It was a banner year for our German Extra Hardy garlic, and we’re looking forward to exploring new markets and making good use of a generous harvest.img_2801

The final round of pigs shipped for the year, leaving us with a nice supply to fill upcoming orders. (By the way, if you haven’t placed an order yet for this fall, you still can!)


The farm hosted its first on-farm catered dinner, featuring homegrown pork sandwiches, dilly yogurt potato salad, tomato-soaked kale salad, and an herb-infused dark chocolate wafer. It was a taste of summer at the farm, and a fun group to serve!

Other recent farm happenings in early September:

The garden got its first (and pretty hard) frost of the fall.

This little farmer turned 5.

img_2925 img_2964

This big farmer turned… a year older too.

It’s week 15 of our summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares, the spinach is up, the fall lettuce growing, the potato harvest has begun, and there’s much more to come from Groundworks Farm.

See you at the farm stand!


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