Late Watermelon…radishes

Fall Radish Greens


Despite the best laid plans of farmers, the timing- among other things- doesn’t always work out. With the week’s preview of winter in the forecast, we decided to pull the watermelon radishes for the final week of CSA. (Though not quite ready, they are also not likely to survive the nighttime ‘teens forecasted.) The small roots and beautiful young greens were a treat in this simple recipe, and the whole bunch disappeared into a single meal. Enjoy!


1 bunch radish greens, greens chopped and radishes sliced

4-6 slices side pork- optional

1 T lard ( use half if adding pork)

3-4 cloves garlic

2 T sesame oil

1 T +1tsp. plum vinegar (may sub. red wine or other vinegar)

1 T Braggs liquid amino or soy sauce

2-3 c cooked rice

Sliced almonds

Lightly brown side pork, add lard and radishes/greens and garlic. Cover and simmer for up to 10 minutes, or until greens turn soft and dark green.

Add remaining ingredients-except almonds. Serve over rice and top with sliced almonds.

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