A Season of Thanks


Since beginning farming seven years ago, the Thanksgiving holiday has taken on a whole new meaning. Not only do we get the opportunity to express and appreciate how truly fortunate we are, but in doing so consume the very fruits of our own labor. Pumpkin pies, potatoes, and ham or chicken (we don’t always have turkey!!) are each prepared with the intimate knowledge of where and how it was grown. It’s a simple satisfaction, going around the table and acknowledging where each dish was ‘cultivated’, but one we have grown to love.

The origin of the Thanksgiving holiday trace back as far as 1621*, when it was observed  as a celebration of a successful harvest. Like centuries ago, not only can our family celebrate in the harvest, but each of our supporting members and their families, acknowledging the commitment and support of a whole community throughout the season.

A growing season for our 3-acre market garden is made possible through ‘membership’ in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Each season, willing families and individuals enter into the risk and the bounty of what the season has to bring.

This season, we hope that abundance in some form has graced your tables and lives, and we express our sincere gratitude for being a part of ours.


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