Winter Farm Happenings

Future home our new high tunnel, made possible with a grant through the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS).

The coming of winter marks dramatic shift here at Groundworks Farm, although we can’t admit to having slowed down much since the end of the 2016 growing season! Now that the days are getting longer though, we’re beginning to put winter planning into action to prepare for our next growing season.

One such project is the construction of a new high tunnel. The new tunnel, or “hoophouse”, will better enable us to rotate crops that are dependent upon the protection of this passive solar structure. Tomatoes, peppers and other ‘hot house’ veggies will rotate between the two houses, as will spring crops such as June roots and early season greens.

As many will remember, January marks one year since losing a barn last year in a fire. Though we have elected to hold off on re-construction of a building for animals, this new ‘vegetable barn’ will be a significant advancement and improvement upon the cornerstone of Groundworks Farm: The market vegetable garden.

In addition, you can look for the following additions and events coming this spring:

Monthly Market– This spring, we’ll begin a monthly opportunity to connect with the farm prior to the Farmer’s Market season, offering a more convenient outlet to purchase pork, lard and beef. Stay tuned for details!

“My Season in a CSA*”– Weekly blog posts from a CSA member all season long, detailing how their CSA share is used each week. Recipes, preservation ideas and stories: Hear more ideas on how to better integrate into a fresh food lifestyle.

Keep in touch, and hopefully, we’ll see you all very soon!

*Community Supported Agriculture

2 thoughts on “Winter Farm Happenings

  1. Great to hear you are rockin with a “hoophouse”. Who doesn’t love a hot house full of veggies!? Love your blog as it always provides great insight and some educational information. Keep up the good groundworks!

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