Spring for Fresh

The renewal and energy that emerges with the arrival of spring is both palpable and contagious.

As fresh as it gets: Corn right off the plant!

This season, our efforts to spread the word about CSA are focused on the idea of cultivating a “fresh food lifestyle”. We recognize that our members are not choosing CSA as the most convenient route to source their weekly groceries, but are excited about how freshness can transform tastes on a plate, and the value of a local food system. Much like the excitement of spring, this mindset is contagious. Whether your commitment revolves around the appreciation of freshness, maintaining ties to sustainable agriculture, or a desire to maintain a local economy and community, we thank you.

Our hope is that this excitement and commitment continues to spread, as new opportunities to ‘grow’ local agriculture emerge and existing ones are bolstered by the anticipation of local eaters. After all, a fresh food lifestyle starts on the plate.

We’ll see you at the farm stand,

Audra & Eric

Read the rest of our  2017 spring newsletter!

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