Introducing “My Season in a CSA”!

Every season, we swap recipes and food ideas with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members and Farmer’s Market-goers. We have been incredibly inspired by hearing how each household transforms our produce into fuel for their families. This season, we want to share that creativity by asking one of YOU to take us through the season as a member!

Enter: “My Season in a CSA”. This series will feature weekly posts from our guest blogger, walking us through their ‘fresh food lifestyle’ as a CSA member. She is creative, health conscious, and is always giving us drool-worthy accounts of her delicious culinary delights. Now, it’s time to share them with YOU!

Lyndsey JohnsonHi! My name is Lindsey. I am a teacher, a photographer, and a lover of food. I have been a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member since the very beginning of Groundworks Farm from their early beginnings to the current farming year. To me it was exciting to be able to buy local produce from a local! The farm has blossomed and transformed into a thriving supplier of seasonal produce as well as organic pork and beef. I am proud to be a shareholder.

I felt excited when Audra approached me about being the Groundworks Blog contributor for the 2017 farming season. I think she began to consider me as a likely candidate as I would excitedly approach her when I picked up my share weekly, and exclaim my fave creation of the previous week’s share. So, I guess she thought I would be the person to share my excitement on the blog to a greater audience!

So here’s my introduction to the blog. I’ll be sharing what I do with a farm share for the week, from culinary delights, green smoothies with all that kale, to sharing the delicious veggies with my border collie/aussie/produce testers. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Message me on Facebook “Lindsey Johnson” or you can reach me at by email. I look forward to hearing from you!

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