Week 6: Stir fry with ALL the things

From guest blogger Lindsey Johnson:

This last week was full of “all the things”. I had been craving stir fry and wanted to make a cashew chicken. I didn’t have cashews, I had chicken and lots of veggies so I improvised as per usual. I used everything from my share in this delicious stir fry that I modified based on my veggies at hand. That’s what I love about my share. I get creative.

stir fry
The recipe I ended up using was from a Washington Post site for Chicken Chard and Red Pepper Stir Fry. See Below:


I followed it to the “T”….except for…instead of the red peppers, I used my carrots and cut them into matchstick sized pieces…and one more thing, instead of the garlic chives, I simply used my scallions. I served it on top of my favorite rice, basmati. It’s delicious and nutty and my favorite.

Anyone wondering how to change up their kohlrabi? This week, I shared mine with my sister in law…J! I was thinking that it was time to bust out my rice wine vinegar and making a little kohlrabi pickle mix. I peel it and chop the kohlrabi into bite sized pieces and put them in a jar. I cover the pieces with the vinegar and sprinkle some red pepper flakes to taste. It’s kind of a fun way to change it up. You can add small pieces of sweet onion or a little sugar even if you want. We just gobble that up like pickles or chop it up as a relish of sorts and serve on tacos.

This week…I am super looking forward to farm fresh broccoli…My personal fave.

Happy Thursday…Happy 6th Farmshare week…

Hi! My name is Lindsey. I am a teacher, a photographer, and a lover of food. I’ll be sharing what I do with a farm share for the week, from culinary delights to green smoothies, to sharing the delicious veggies with my border collie/aussie/produce testers. I hope you enjoy reading it!Lyndsey Johnson

Message me on Facebook “Lindsey Johnson” or you can reach me at lindseyaturner@yahoo.com by email. I look forward to hearing from you!

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