“So, is that like Bountiful Baskets?”

When describing our farm shares and how Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) works, we are asked this question all the time: “Is that like Bountiful Baskets?” Well, yes and no. There are similarities and differences between the two methods of getting food to eaters, so we’re taking the time to clarify some of those. For starters, CSA … More “So, is that like Bountiful Baskets?”

Sweet Life

    This past week, Eric and I has the privilege of traveling to Massachusetts with the other Farmer’s Union Enterprise (FUE) Couples to the National Farmer’s Union Convention in Springfield. FUE is a project started by five mid-western states to reinvigorate the state Farmer’s Union chapters with a steady revenue from business investments. In … More Sweet Life

Long road home

After eight months of paperwork, phone calls, meetings and lots of hand-wringing, we’ve bought our farm. Just in the nick of time before winter, we have already been able to move most of our stuff, plant garlic, and begin preparing to house our hogs here. Already we are appreciating the several barns/outbuildings that are now … More Long road home

‘buy the farm’ Slang: To die, especially suddenly or violently.

As some of our friends and CSA members already know, we’re trying to buy the farm- literally. For the last year, we’ve been searching far and wide for a piece of ground of our very own on which to make the many long-term investments that farming requires.  The key to this, as we see it, … More ‘buy the farm’ Slang: To die, especially suddenly or violently.

Hog Heaven

The wiener pigs are here- finally a higher use than compost for slimy veggies and insect-bitten chard.  They’re also very cute and right now, they’re just little. Last weekend when they arrived was not so cute, as they escaped their pen immediately- even before we were finished unloading them. They didn’t just get out and mill … More Hog Heaven