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Buy Pork Cuts- 15% off orders over $75!

Orders for specific cuts will be filled at the earliest availability.

Cut order options:


Hams (Organic cure**): $7.75/lb.

Ham Steaks (std. cure): $7.25/lb.

Ham Hocks (Organic cure**): $5.50/lb.

Bacon (Organic cure**): $12.00/lb.

Canadian bacon (Organic cure**): $12.00/lb.

Bacon (standard cure): $11.00/lb.


Bulk Sausage (breakfast, Italian): $7.00/lb.

Cased Sausage (Andouille, brats): $10.00/lb.


Back Fat*: $2.00/lb.

Leaf Fat*: $3.00/lb.

NEW! Lard (rendered from our pastured hogs): $9/pint

Farm visits are welcome and encouraged! Please call ahead to ensure that we can be prepared for your visit: (406) 590-0508.

* Use fat from pastured animals to make your own lard or homemade sausage

** Our Organic curing is done in Big Timber, Montana by a certified Organic processor. It contains ingredients with naturally occurring nitrites and has no added sodium nitrite.

Fort Shaw, Montana