Spring for Fresh

The renewal and energy that emerges with the arrival of spring is both palpable and contagious. This season, our efforts to spread the word about CSA are focused on the idea of cultivating a “fresh food lifestyle”. We recognize that our members are not choosing CSA as the most convenient route to source their weekly … More Spring for Fresh


It’s pretty amazing to be seeding next season’s cabbage, while still enjoying perfect cabbage from the last. This is the mighty ‘Bartolo’, our Fall Harvest Share cabbage from 2016- still going strong. This week, we seeded well over 1,000 plants down at Parker Farms Greenhouse (where we do all our seed-starting), began high tunnel ground … More Bartolo!

Winter Farm Happenings

The coming of winter marks dramatic shift here at Groundworks Farm, although we can’t admit to having slowed down much since the end of the 2016 growing season! Now that the days are getting longer though, we’re beginning to put winter planning into action to prepare for our next growing season. One such project is the construction of … More Winter Farm Happenings

A Season of Thanks

Since beginning farming seven years ago, the Thanksgiving holiday has taken on a whole new meaning. Not only do we get the opportunity to express and appreciate how truly fortunate we are, but in doing so consume the very fruits of our own labor. Pumpkin pies, potatoes, and ham or chicken (we don’t always have … More A Season of Thanks

So long summer: Enter Fall

It’s pizza night. Starting to assemble the ingredients, beginning to make the mozzarella, and babysitting homemade marinara on the stovetop: It’s hard to imagine a more blessed kitchen. Along with freezing nighttime temperatures and the beautiful low light, fall brings a time of reflection. The frantic summer harvest ceases, and under a harvest moon, the fall gathering begins. It’s high time … More So long summer: Enter Fall

It’s a Rutabaga

(roo-tuh-bay-guh). As a CSA farm, in addition to providing abundant, sustainably grown (and fresh) produce, we try to keep things interesting. Enter rutabaga. The history of this vegetable and culinary uses follow, but we assure CSA subscribers and adventurous farm stand goers that under the seemingly rough exterior, the rutabaga offers a unique flavor to … More It’s a Rutabaga

No Chard Left Behind

Clearly, we love a good play on words. In all seriousness though, as community farmers, we want each CSA share subscriber to enjoy and make the most of their vegetable share. This time of year, during the ‘Leaf Explosion’, something we’ve heard every year is that CSA members sometimes have a difficult time using all … More No Chard Left Behind