Fast Favorites

Hearty greens, crisp greens, spicy roots, and refreshing Allia: These are the tastes and textures of early summer. They are crisp, cleansing, thrive in the coolness of spring nights, and are even enhanced by light frosts and cloudy days. From the web archives, here are a few of our most-used and favorite recipes of early … More Fast Favorites

Week 1, Year 7

It’s the beginning of another CSA season, the seventh, and eight years since we planted the first crop of garlic at 740 McIver Road. Memories of the first few seasons are becoming fairly dim, but the major milestones can be counted on two hands now: 2010- First growing season, & got married in the high tunnel (on … More Week 1, Year 7

Licensed to Kale

To begin farming, one must acquire the assumed equipment: shovels and hoes, seeders and rakes. On a larger scale farm: a combine or baler, grain trucks and great, big tractors. What may not initially occur to the beginning market farmer, is the amount of paper, licensing and legalities that will be required. For a small diversified … More Licensed to Kale

Golden Goodness

The arrival of our seed order this week has me dreaming about all the garden goodness to come this growing season. Golden beets have become a staple in the garden and the CSA shares, but this recipe has me thinking about adding fennel to our garden variety…   Read more about our CSA (Community Supported … More Golden Goodness

Through the Ashes

Gratitude can take form in surprising ways: Aside from the gratitude that dwells in places of happiness and blessings, darker frontiers of gratitude are ‘illuminated’ amid sorrow and disappointment. The photo above was taken in the middle of the night on January 2, illuminated by our sow farrowing/ dairy barn engulfed in flames. Gratitude. It was … More Through the Ashes

Groundworks Gratitude

It is the season of thankfulness: Family. Friends. Functioning fences. Electric water tank heaters. Wood stoves. An abundance of nourishing food. Snow. A calm day. Six years in the business of growing food for our neighbors. “Animals… and pie. ” – Leif Cheers friends, and thank you.

Week 20- Cheers

Sipping on Punkin’ Rye and feeling satisfied with the completion of the CSA season, the Groundworks Farm 2016 crew raises a glass. The final weekly share pick up coincides with our one-time Fall Share distribution, which took place on the farm this past Saturday. As an added treat, we offered pumpkin painting for kiddos, farm … More Week 20- Cheers

Fall Farm News

“From the Sun River Valley soil, to the downtown market, to the plates of eaters, it’s a connection that can be seen, touched, and even tasted in the freshness of the food. We are connected by a common place, a shared economy, and possibly even by a shared desire to keep small family farms on … More Fall Farm News