CSA Member Agreement

Groundworks Farm has been practicing sustainable agriculture, growing vegetables and livestock organically, and delivering produce to our CSA since 2010. Though we are confident in our ability to provide, farming is an endeavor with inherent and uncontrollable risks. Weather conditions, equipment failure, unforeseen pest and plant disease issues, and human error can all affect crop yields. While we at the farm will take all practical steps to mitigate these risks, we cannot reimburse, refund, or otherwise compensate for crop failures or low yields.

By becoming a member of our CSA program you are agreeing that these risks are included in CSA membership.

Missed pick up

A Summer Share is a great opportunity to eat fresh-picked produce. Shares are harvested weekly and distributed throughout the membership. As such, the Farm is not able to store shares until the following week or allow “stacking” of a weekly pick up to make up for a week missed. If a member cannot make either of the two weekly pick ups, a share can be picked up by a friend or neighbor or donated back to the farm.

Late Pick up

When missing a pick up, members may request to connect for a late share delivery (within a day or two), usually resulting in a farm pick up. This is often possible, though not a guarantee. It is always best to make advance arrangements in the event of a pick up change request.

Sending Someone to Pick up Your Share

Members frequently ask friends or family to pick up their share when out of town. Please make sure that your substitute is aware of the time and location and has a way to contact the farm if needed. It is not requested that members notify the farm in advance.

Late-Start or Early-ending: Prorated Shares

If a member is unable to begin the CSA season in June or participate through October (for travel, relocation, or otherwise) a prorated share can be issued in advance of signup. Customers who are unable to complete the season but do not notify the farm in advance of signup will still be responsible for the entirety of the share’s value.

Refunds and Cancellations

Membership in our CSA is a commitment to purchase and receive vegetables for an entire growing season. Refunds or cancellations are considered on a case-by-case basis: Major loss of household income due to unexpected unemployment or disability, death or disaster, unexpected relocation, and unresolved customer service issues.  A $25 administrative fee will be deducted from any refund issued.

Fort Shaw, Montana